Storage unit sizes

The majority of our storage units are a roomy 6m x 3m.  That's the size of an extra wide single garage.  The floor area is 18m² and the total area is just under 50m³ of space.  

This is ideal to store the furniture and goods from an average sized family home, or perhaps you just need room to put away the things you don't use very often.  


Businesses have room to install shelving or racking to make the best use of space.  Our storage units are perfect for storing business records and/or excess stock. 

Unit sizes available:

1.5m² -  Room for a mattress and a few boxes or suitcases

12m² - Enough room for the contents of a small house, unit, flat or shed

18m² - Room for the contents of an entire house.

Apple Storage units have been built with privacy and strength in mind.  


The complex is surrounded by a 3 metre high wall, and state of the art information systems and security devices have been employed.

Once you have completed the application process and arranged payment, you will be allocated a coded access card, which will grant you access to the complex.


You can then store your goods in your allocated unit and secure them with your own keyed or combination lock. 

Storage unit security and access

Storage unit insulation

The combination of passive solar design and quality roof insulation ensures that our storage units remain several degrees cooler than comparable competitor units. 

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